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The complete explanation of any fact is the very last step in human thought; and it is reached, as I have said, if indeed it is ever reached, by the preliminary processes of recognition, designation, and definition. Surprisingly, Logan Pearsall Smith was not a lover of Shakespeare. He was living at Four Oaks Farm when she passed away in In the World To suppose, as we all suppose, that we could be rich and not behave as the rich behave, is like supposing that we could drink all day and keep absolutely sober.

Don't laugh at a youth for his affectations; he is only trying on one face after another to find his own. Have I not for more than sixty years got enough to eat and escaped being eaten.

When I was corresponding with Gabe, we would recommend authors to each other. One can be bored until boredom becomes a mystical experience. This is, perhaps, Smith's work book for his volume On Reading Shakespeare It's an odd thing about this universe that, though we all disagree with each other, we are all of us always in the right.

Logan Pearsall Smith

Villainous weeds grow in them and they are the haunt of toads. Mary Hyde saved the remnants of the dust jacket. Only those who get into scrapes with their eyes open can find the safe way out.

Smith, Logan Pearsall,London. We cram-throat our friends with it in the cruellest fashion; make it a Gospel, which we preach in a spirit of propaganda and indignation, putting a woe on the world for a neglect of which last week we were equally guilty.

There are few sorrows, however poignant, in which a good income is of no avail. We need two kinds of acquaintances, one to complain to, while to the others we boast. The Naturalization of Foreign Words. Smith, L[ogan] Pearsall, Plans to have several of his friends visit.

Smith, Logan Pearsall,London. The wretchedness of being rich is that you live with rich people. I, May 18, Feb. Asks for a costume for a mock trial.

The indefatigable pursuit of an unattainable perfection, even though it consist in nothing more than the pounding of an old piano, is what alone gives a meaning to our life on this unavailing star.

And he ends the chapter with this diatribe: How many of our daydreams would darken into nightmares if there seemed any danger of their coming true. Selected and Introduced by John Russell.

Yes there is a meaning; at least for me, there is one thing that matters - to set a chime of words tinkling in the minds of a few fastidious people.

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XLVI on what fine writing really is, how one can achieve it, and who the fine writers are. What shall I compare it to, this fantastic thing I call my Mind. These books belonged to Mary Hyde. I find a fascination, like the fascination for the moth of a star, in those who hold aloof and disdain me.

Bound in blue cloth. People before the public live an imagined life in the thought of others, and flourish or feel faint as their self outside themselves grows bright or dwindles in that mirror.

To [Logan Pearsall Smith]. S[mith], H[annah] W[hitall],Chattanooga, Tenn. Logan Pearsall Smith's biography and life elleandrblog.com Pearsall Smith (18 October – 2 March ) was an American-born essayist and elleandrblog.com was born in Millville, New Jersey.

He was the son of the.

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The notion of making money by popular work, and then retiring to do good work on the proceeds, is the most familiar of all the devil's traps for artists. Art and Letters. It is the wretchedness of being rich that you have to live with rich people. In the World. To suppose, as we all suppose, that we.

Trivia [Logan Pearsall Smith] on elleandrblog.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. I was astonished at their brightness, to see how they filled the night with their soft lustre.

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So I went my way accompanied by them; Arcturus followed me/5(17). Logan Pearsall Smith Quotes. View the list The old know what they want; the young are sad and bewildered. Logan Pearsall Smith. Sad, Know, Young, Want, Old, Bewildered. The vitality of a new movement in Art must be gauged by the fury it arouses.

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Logan Pearsall Smith. Discover Logan Pearsall Smith famous and rare quotes. Share Logan Pearsall Smith quotations about literature, soul and life. "People say that life is the thing, but ". Logan Pearsall Smith. Logan Pearsall Smith (October 18, March 2, ) was an American essayist and critic, and a notable writer on historical semantics.

Logan pearsall smith
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