Community attitude towards female education

A comprehensive questionnaire covering attitudes towards FGM, demographics, and access to information was used. Literacy rate vary from region to region as well as in case of sex.

The empowerment of women is recognized as the central issue for determining the status of women. Third, educated women tend to be more mobile and are thus better able to interact with actors outside the community.

Anwaar Mohyuddin

This study investigated the major reasons of dropout; which is very crucial issue and needs to be addressed in policy making for the future. The questionnaire was validated through pilot testing before it was administered on the sample. It provides them with greater opportunity and choice to improve their lives and that of their families.

Data was collected through administering the questionnaires validated through the pilot testing. To suggest some measures for the promotion of female education.

Societal attitudes towards women

Success in these subjects might also alienate them from other girls and earn them the contempt of the boys, who were often reported to discourage girls from participating positively and performing well in these subjects.

Quest for Adult Literacy. We participated in the daily activities of the village. This denies these girls an opportunity for formal education in general and participation in SMT subjects in particular. Due to some financial resources and time constraints the study was delimited to only parents of district Bannu.

Due to some financial resources and time constraints the study was delimited to only parents of district Bannu.

Anwaar Mohyuddin

Innovation studies have demonstrated that changes are more likely to be initiated by small groups of innovators.

Parents felt that the lessons learnt were not practical enough and did not relate what was learnt to real life. The food is served first to the male members of the family; they are given the best part of the serving, as they are considered to be worth great respect.

Women’s attitudes towards discontinuation of female genital mutilation in Egypt

Besides the cultural prescription of gender roles, this disparity is also due to an inadequate number of vocational training and professional institutions for women.

The main objectives of the study were; to explain the nature and status of the Parent Teacher Association: Parents who send their daughters to school against prevailing customs are in a minority. Factors hindering female education were found to be poverty, lack of awareness or incentives, uneducated parents and early marriages.

Thus in order to ensure that their sons will be able to carry out this responsibility, parents feel that they should provide their sons with education so that they can in turn get employment.

Girls have little hope of catching up with male enrolment ratios. In Bangladesh, Kenya, Mali, and Pakistan, the Governments have supported the accreditation of these schools by introducing primary school curricula and trained teachers to supplement the religious education Rashid.

Community attitude, perception and willingness towards solid waste management in Bangalore city, Karnataka, India Kumar. M, Nandini. N International Journal of Environmental Sciences Volume 4 No.1 community attitude towards female education Dr. Saqib Shahzad 1, Riasat Ali 1, Muhammad Zaighem Qadeer 2, Hukamdad 3, Muhammad Saeed Khan 4 1 Institute of Education & Research, University of.

Attitude towards advertising Attitude is the best evaluation tools towards objects, people, and issues (Solomon, Marshall, & Stuart, ). In the simplest way, attitude is a mindset that enables to affect a person behavior or their action on a certain situation, which the actions are based on.

The problem under study was to find out the Community attitude towards female education in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwah.


Objectives of the study. The major purpose of the study was to investigate the Community attitude towards female education in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. the parents have a positive attitude towards daughters education% female respondents were not sending their daughters to school because of distance problem; % due to financial problem, % because of Community Attitude Towards Female Education.

International Journal of Academic Research, 3(1). Author: my Created Date. Fourth, education leads to a shift in loyalty away from the extended family and community and towards the nuclear family, which in turn leads to emotional nucleation.

Finally and potentially most importantly educated women tend to have more control over material resources, largely because they tend to be more active in the money economy.

Community attitude towards female education
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