Ap world comapre ottoman empire to spanish maritime empire

The war ended with most of the Spanish Netherlands under French occupation, including the important cities of Ghent and Luxembourg. Of comparable importance was the conquest of the Inca empire by Francisco Pizarro, which would become the Viceroyalty of Peru.

The requests are mainly to help busy people like Ms. The troubled kingdom The time for rejoicing in Madrid was short-lived.

The Spanish Bourbons broadest intentions were to break the power of the entrenched creole aristocracies, and, eventually, loosen the territorial control of the Society of Jesus too: The war was less of a success than that against Venice, and inFrance agreed to a truce that left Milan in her control and recognized Spanish control of Upper Navarre.

The war with the Netherlands was renewed in with Spinola taking the fortress of Breda in You get used to it, though. When the meeting ended, her take-out food was waiting. Random House, Inc, n. He believed that the key to restraining the resurgent French and eliminating the Dutch was a closer alliance with Habsburg Austria.

TutorVista also stands out for its well-known venture backers, its scale and its ambition. The army in the Netherlands mutinied not long after, seizing Antwerp and looting the southern Netherlands, prompting several cities in the previously peaceful southern provinces to join the rebellion.

After defeating Castilian rebels in the Castilian War of the Communities, Charles was the most powerful man in Europe, his rule stretching over an empire not to be rivaled in size until Napoleon. InFrancis I of France, who found himself surrounded by Habsburg territories, invaded the Spanish possessions in Italy and inaugurated a second round of Franco-Spanish conflict.

Now Spain was a colony of France and England. In Marchunder pressure from Equatoguinean nationalists and the United Nations, Spain announced that it would grant independence to Equatorial Guinea.

The Spanish also helped Equatorial Guinea achieve one of the continent's highest literacy rates and developed a good network of health care facilities. Not until the Chinese Communist Party formed were the Marxist strategies practiced.

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For Spain, the war was a slow-moving disaster. InCharles grew exhausted with the pope's meddling in what he viewed as purely secular affairs, and sacked Rome itself, embarrassing the papacy sufficiently enough that Clement, and succeeding popes, were considerably more circumspect in their dealings with secular authorities: As his final wishes, the childless king of Spain desired that the throne pass to the Bourbon prince Philip of Anjou, rather than to a member of the family that had tormented him throughout his life.

The Ottomans still had a fully Islamic government made up of the Janissary class. Steve Ludmer, 28, and his partner Avinash G. The Chinese Revolution lasted about 28 years, while the Russian Revolution only lasted about one year.

Janissaries were the young boys the Ottoman leaders trained in Islamic doctrine so they could be political leaders in the future.

Improved Internet technology and the ability to tap of vast pool of educated instructors at low cost are crucial ingredients. Spanish control of Western Sahara endured until the Green March prompted a withdrawal.

Political Processes The Spanish and the Ottomans political processes for empire building are similar to their social processes, as it was often the government which is undeniably linked to politics enforcing certain social norms in both empires.

Inwhen Philip II moved his court back to Madrid from the Atlantic port of Lisbon where he had temporarily settled to pacify his new Portuguese kingdom, the pattern was sealed, in spite of what every observant commentator privately noted: This Empire was constituted by inherited territories, not conquered.

Even with the disastrous result, few can doubt that the Spanish fleet was among the strongest in Europe until the s, when it suffered real humiliation.

The Spanish, after the destruction of the Armada, were simply unable to cope with naval threats. He first tried the path of negotiation at the Council of Trent inbut the Protestant leadership, feeling betrayed by the stance taken by the Catholics at the council, went to war, led by the Saxon elector Maurice.

Another similarity is that both revolutions were led by charismatic leaders. Spain was not yet at peace, as the aggressive Henry II of France came to the throne in and immediately renewed conflict with Spain.

Conflicting claims to the Guinea mainland were settled in by the Treaty of Paris. Already, some American consumers voice frustrations in dealing with customer-service call centers in India.

It had a cultural golden age in the 17th century. Gustavus then marched south winning notable victories at Breitenfeld and Lutzen, attracting greater support for the Protestant cause the further he went.

Portuguese ahead of other Europeans in Africa and Asia – maritime trade to Africa and Asia. The Portuguese to America – Brazil, conquest and slavery. Spain's Empire expands, to the year – from the Caribbean, to Mexico, New Mexico and South America. Spain in Latin America in the 17th Century – including New Mexico and Texas.

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16th and 17th Centuries

Advanced Placement (AP) World History is designed to offer you the equivalent of an introductory college level course in Ottoman Empire, China, Tokugawa Japan, and Mughal India. 3. Analyze the changes and continuities in commerce in the Indian Ocean region from CE to CE World Geography, Coach Chappell.

Start studying Chapter Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Search. After the fall of the Byzantine Empire, the Ottoman Empire was based at Istanbul (formerly Constantinople) from to AP World History Chapter 12 Reading Check. 32 terms.

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The Social, Economic, and Political Processes of Empire Building in the Spanish and Ottoman Empires

In Ottoman admiral and cartographer Piri Reis compiled a world map using military intelligence and, according to his notes, Columbus' maps (now lost) of western lands. Many strange archaeological discoveries have been made in modern history.

Ap world comapre ottoman empire to spanish maritime empire
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